Thursday June 18, 2020

11:00 – 19:00 GMT

Intro & Keynotes
Zero to PoC
PoC to Production
Post Production & Scaling AI Assistants
Tools for Conversational AI
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Virtual Expo Hall & Networking opens

Intro & Tips for Navigating L3-AI

Keynote: Intro to L3-AI & Perspective on the 5 Levels of Conversational AI

Fireside chat with N26

Voice & Conversational AI: Panel

Voice AI for Everyone, Everywhere

Conversation Analysis Theory in Chatbots

Playbooks for Conversation Design Teams

How to extend your bot usability to new and exciting use cases

Passing the Turing Test: When, Why and How

Robust NLU for Voice Assistants: How to understand your users despite your ASR’s bad hearing

Unstructured Knowledge Source for Future Conversational agents

Building a SmartSpeaker powered by Rasa

Bixby: an Internet-scale Conversational Assistant

Evaluating Open-Domain Dialog

Dialogue Evaluation

A Novice's Conversational Chronicles

Fireside chat with Continental

Fireside chat with Telekom

Fireside chat with JPMC

Fireside chat with Travelers

How Much Should Conversational AI Developers know about ML and Linguistics?

Level 3 Conversational AI Ecosystem

How to get an AI Assistant Project into Market

Workplace Assistant @ BMW Group

Building Digital Assistants using Object-Oriented Conversational AI

Effective Conversation Design

Testing: The Art of Challenging Chatbots

From Research to Production – Our Process at Rasa

Distilling BERT

Scaling Conversational AI to Meet Business Outcomes

Google's Meena: Open Dialog systems

Conversational Agents to Democratize AI

Multilingual Conversational AI for Humanity

Deploying Assistants: a Discussion on Channels

Jarvis: Multimodal Conversational AI

Transformer Policies that improve Dialogues: A Live Demo

Meta bots: why they're probably not the solution to your problems

Scaling Conversation During COVID-19

Multi tenancy and custom entities

Scaling Virtual Assistants

Brands Start to Speak

Effective Copywriting for Chatbots

Conversational AI: Life Cycle, Tools, and Ops

Designing Practical NLP Solutions

Introducing the Hugging Face model hub