JUNE 18, 2020

The Level 3 AI Assistant Conference   |   Online

A completely new, completely online event for the conversational AI community.

L3-AI is a completely free, online-only event, for developers, conversational designers, and conversational AI researchers. The conference centers on the research, tools, and services needed to build truly interactive AI assistants that are “Level 3” - that is, able to provide real value to users through multi-turn, fully contextual conversations. Learn more about the 5 levels of conversational AI.

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Thursday, June 18th, 2020
11:00 - 19:00 GMT

The conversational AI community is global, and we've arranged the L3-AI schedule to allow people to tune in from as many locations and timezones as possible.

Confirmed Speakers

Adam Cheyer
Co-Founder & VP Engineering,
Viv & Siri

Dr. Catherine Breslin
Machine Learning Scientist

Shikib Mehri
PhD candidate at CMU, Dialog Systems

Julian Gerhard
CTO, SUSI & James GmbH

Janani Pathangi
Distinguished Engineer, Optum

Ines Montani
Co-Founder, Explosion

Alan Nichol
Co-Founder & CTO, Rasa

Akela Drissner
Head of Customer Success Engineering, Rasa

Interested in speaking at L3-AI?

We're looking for speakers! If you have something to share on the following topics - or anything else you think is relevant to L3-AI - please complete our form.

  • Conversational AI is real - focus on how-to, real life examples, assistants in practice
  • Great conversational AI is not easy
  • Research, tools, and services needed to build truly contextual assistants
  • Lessons learned with shipping contextual assistants in production
  • How to leverage the latest research in ML and NLP
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Join as an exhibitor

In addition to speakers, we’re welcoming companies participating in providing conversational AI to apply to join for a virtual expo hall. We’d like to feature products that are making great tools and services used to build Level 3 contextual assistants. To apply to this free partnership program and join the expo hall, contact us.

Who should attend

Everyone in the conversational AI ecosystem with an interest in building better (contextual, Level 3, multi-turn, etc.) AI assistants:

  • Developers (enterprise and hobbyists)
  • Conversational designers
  • Developer leads and managers
  • AI/Innovation leads
  • Providers of conversational AI technology

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